Information About The Housing Patterns, Libraries And Bookstores, Food Resources, Hospitals, And Healthcare Providers

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As an educational leader, one must be aware of the assets of the community served by the school, where the students coexist outside the walls of the school, and what the community offers to those who reside in it. The aim of this report is to convey information about the housing patterns, libraries and bookstores, food resources, hospitals and healthcare providers, social and community agencies, recreational settings, and activities located in this community and its impact on equity. The method used to gather information about the community in the attendance zone for Richard J Wilson Elementary School was through a community walk and other data resources. The equity audit was developed to gather knowledge of all the limitations and…show more content…
Most of the houses were constructed before the 1950’s (Figure 3). The houses that were not deteriorating showed evidence of renovations (Figure 4). Conditions of the inside of the house in terms of comfort and safety for its residents are unknown. Figure 3. Years of construction for Wilson attendance zone. Figure 4. Samples of housing in area. This photo illustrates the contrast of deteriorating houses and houses which have been renovated. There are many indicators from the US Census (2011-2015) that give a clue to the socio-economic conditions of a community. The level of homeownerships gives a picture of how vested residents are in a community. Usually a homeowner is more invested in a community and its maintenance than a tenant because they have literally invested their capital in that community. (REALTORS®, August 2010) The US Census (2011-2015) showed higher levels of rented accommodations instead of homeownership in this area (Figure 5). This was also observed during the community walk. Figure 5: Proportion of Households with Various Income Sources in 76110 in 2011-2015 (U. S. Census, 2011-2015). The median monthly mortgage payment for owners was $1,237, for non-mortgage owners was $421, and for renters was $774. An estimated 28% of owners had mortgages, 16% of owners had no mortgages, and 55% of were tenants. In the 76110 area, residents spent 30% or
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