Marley Elementary : A Public Elementary School

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Marley Elementary is a public elementary school located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, in the Anne Arundel County district. Marley Elementary opened its doors in 2005, and has since expanded by opening a new wing for preschool through first grade in 2014. According to, there were 724 students enrolled at Marley Elementary in 2014. Marley Elementary is a host of a diverse range of families, with many bilingual students, students with unique family backgrounds, students with diverse learning abilities, and students from many different parts of the world. In the kindergarten and preschool classrooms, the majority of students are originally from the Pasadena/Glen Burnie area but many students are also relocated from other parts of the state and the world.
A wide variety of tools and strategies were used to learn more about the students and families of the Marley Elementary community. The first tool is a Parent Questionnaire that was sent home with students. More than half of the students in most kindergarten classes returned these forms to school filled out with helpful information about their educational and family backgrounds including special holidays they celebrate, languages they speak at home, and responsibilities they have at home. The second strategy used to better know the students and families of the school community was the participation in several school fundraisers and events, such as Chick-fil-a night and Gino’s fundraiser nights where the student teaching

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