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Throughout my educational career I found some insightful information on how the overall system works. There is an electrical upgrade that is happening in our schools, but this upgrade comes with consequences to human connection, intelligence, and visual perception.
I think that in the US today the educational system technologies, such as smart boards, Wi-Fi, and calculators have helped change the very idea of schools. While in my senior year of high school I noticed an increase in teacher allowing us to use smart phones and other personal devices to enhance are educational experience. The sounds of my ring tone and the feeling of 20 head swings, that looks choreographed; blowing wind into my direction still chills my spine. …show more content…

I think the calculator is one of the biggest controls on the mind that the schools have put on students. I felt like I was always held back in math, learned only simple equation, line plotting all the time that you could just plug into the calculator, and it would spit out the answer. This form of teaching is highly manipulative and controlling, it restricts intellectual growth like a snake constricts a mouse. The standardized test with the electronic graders, these technologies have helped control not only what the students learn, how the teachers teach, and this effects the ability to retain knowledge. Humans do learn through repetition, but they also best when they can use the math they learn like having physics and calculus classes that mirror each other, or an equation that you could use in your coding class or even providing coding as an option.
The visual perception has to change in school, a place of learning should have more sun light and less artificial light. Every time I leave the school building I feel like Gollum with sun being my precious. My eyes aching like they being vice griped. The way social media has a effect on how we physically see others is insanity. With some people perceived as taller, stronger or happier simple based on their profile. I believe one day humans will be so deeply integrated that unplugging will be taboo and long distance sight will be a thing of the past. Also some might not be able to fully unplug even if

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