Information Security Performance Evaluation Program

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Information Security Performance Evaluation Program: BuildingDNA should develop, monitor, and report on the results of information security measures of performance. These reports should be used by leadership to effectively manage their systems security life cycle and replace information systems that do not meet the security levels needed to provide a safe and secured environment.
Odoo Usage Policy: BuildingDNA management should create and disseminate policies that document the appropriate use of Odoo in accordance with the contract agreements.
Documentation of BuildingDNA’s Information Systems: BuildingDNA must make all documentation to their information systems readily available to authorized personnel and administrators. This documentation will include the installation, configuration, and operations of Odoo; how to operate and maintain the various security features; and known vulnerabilities regarding configuration and use of administrative (i.e., privileged) functions (GSA). BuildingDNA must also obtain all the documentation pertaining to the security features accessible to the general user and guides on how a user can effectively use these features so as to provide a secure environment during operation. If the above mentioned documentation does not exist, then BuildingDNA should contact the vendors to obtain the documentation or create the documentation themselves.
Risk Assessment Program: In order to provide a safe and secured environment for BuildingDNA’s

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