Informative Essay On Coral Reefs

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In the news reporters often talk about the effects of global warming as if they are anywhere from five to one-hundred years off in the future. Those dangers like unpredictable and catastrophic weather patterns may not pose a major threat to human populations yet. However, for the inhabitants of earth’s coral reefs, the planet’s constant warming immediately endangers thousands of species. While coral reefs occupy only a small fraction of the ocean’s floor, they account for roughly one fourth of the world’s marine life. Coral itself, which in large part comprises coral reefs is made up of thousands of tiny polyps that cling together and secrete a hard outer coating binding the individual polyps together (Jaap, 212-213). Generally coral make up the vast majority of all reefs, but soft bodied organisms like anemones litter the sea bed as well. Coral reefs’ seemingly eternal balance with man is now in jeopardy, as small things like clownfish infertility and massive coral population loss begin to snowball, eventually leading to human casualties. These vibrant structures made up of millions of years of development do not face potential threats from global warming. The existing threats are imminent.
As mentioned, sea anemones accompany coral on the bottom of the earth’s enormous seas. While this may be true, anatomically they are greatly different from hard bodied corals. They cling to rocks on the seabed using the bottom of their bodies, Their pedal disc, which functions a lot

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