Informative Essay: The Attack Of Pearl Harbor

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Just before 8 A.M on December 7th, the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, a navy base right off of a Hawaiian island. Shirley Abbey was just 15 when the attack on Pearl Harbor had happened. The question: “Do you remember the attack of pearl harbor, and if so, would you please state what the event was?” “ Pearl harbor was a bad battle, a very bad battle between the americans and the Japanese, the japanese had attacked us Americans at the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii. During that battle the American had one which is why the Americans had went up the hill and put the American Flag on the top of the hill. When the Americans won a battle they would put a flag there, to represent our victory. I’m not to sure on all the exact details or why but,…show more content…
We didn't see pictures, there wasn't a tv, and on the radio there was a man called gabriel heater that annonced everything on the radio all the time, he gave the events of the war, and he said “We bombed Pearl Harbor the Americans have won .” And i remember that statement very clearly. That was all we had talked about at school, My friends and I. Other than the fact that japan had been defeated it was really nice to have our family and our loved ones back into our homes again. To see them again made a whole deference. Youd think that after the battel was done that all of our loved ones would be home but they all werent, some stayed there. There was other things that was needed to be done. It was a long time before we saw our family members again. That was about everything that i could remember on that, i was young, just a child, i just remember diffrent things, i remember what my brothers had told me and my brothers came home from the war, i was very fourtunate, i had only one brother that was wounded, the other five came home okay, four i should say there was five all together. Shirley Abbey remembers the Attack of pearl harbor, not so clearly, but she does remember it, it has most definitely impacted her. During the bombing of Pearl Harbor there was 20 American Naval ship that were destroyed, Over more than 2,000 American Sailors and Soldiers that were killed at the bombing of Pearl Harbor. There were 1,000 American Sailors and soldiers that were wounded during the bombing. The very next day the president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt had asked congress to declare war on Japan. Congress had voted to declare war on Japan, with one dissenting vote, The United States was at war with japan. “At about 8 a.m., Japanese planes filled the sky over Pearl Harbor. Bombs and bullets rained
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