Informative Speech : Attention Getter For Eating Disorders

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PREPARATION OUTLINE Purpose Statement: To inform my audience about eating disorders. Thesis Statement: It is important to understand eating disorders and the types of eating disorders to overcome them and seek the proper treatment. Introduction Attention Getter: Can you overcome something that you know nothing about? Overview of Main Points: Today I will talk about what eating disorders are and there causes, the three main types of eating disorders and the statistics associated with them, and lastly, the treatment for eating disorders. (With the foundation laid out let’s move into what are eating disorders.) I. What exactly are eating disorders? A. Eating Disorders are, “eating behaviors that develop to deal with problems,” such as, “self-esteem, emotional regulation, fear of growing up and relationship problems” according to Mehler and Andersen (2017) in their book Eating disorders: A guide to medical care and complications. 1. There are many reasons that someone might have an eating disorder as stated before and there is no perfect answer for each person effected. 2. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (2017) some of the causes are genetics, environment, peer pressure and emotional health. B. Eating disorders are not just that they are also serious mental disorders. 1. Eating disorders are in in the American Psychiatric Associations DSM also known as The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 2. Eating disorders can even

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