Informative Speech On Buddhism

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General Purpose: To inform the audience about the Buddhism.
I. Introduction:
A. Attention Gainer: What do you all plan to achieve by the age of twenty-nine? By the age twenty-nine, Buddha started a completely different religion that sparked a new lifestyle. Who thinks that they can beat that?
B. Reason to Listen: According to Buddhanet (1996), “about 350 million people are Buddhist in the world.” This makes it the fourth largest religion in the world!
C. Speaker Credibility: Tina and I have done countless research about Buddhism by thoroughly reading websites, databases, and watching videos. We have also studied a portion of Buddhism in our World Religions class in high school.
D. Thesis Statement: Buddhism has many important factors, and it is considered an innovative religion due to its beliefs, customs, history, and important figures.
E. Preview Main Points: Today we will take an in-depth look at the beliefs of the Four Noble Truths and Karma and the customs of meditation and the Sacred Mandela. We will also explore its history in India and of Buddha, and how the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh have truly shaped this life changing religion.

II. Body
A. Main Point # 1 (Tina) Beliefs: (Four Noble Truths and Karma)
Buddhism, just like all religions, has many beliefs that they follow. Two of their beliefs are the Four Noble Truths and Karma.
1. (Sub-Point # 1) The Four Noble Truths are the principles that Buddha understood

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