World Religions Book Report: Living Buddha, Living Christ Essay

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This paper is a book report on “Living Buddha, Living Christ,” written by, Thich Nhat Hanh. In this paper I will discuss the four themes; Mindfulness, Understanding, Interbeing, and Wisdom. I will define the themes, and explain how each theme listed is a part of my life and whether this theme, can be co-related along with my faith.
Throughout this book, Thich Nhat Hanh talks about one being mindful. Anyone would define this term, being mindful means to acknowledge what you are doing, why you are doing it and so forth. Alternatively, mindfulness is also an agent of healing, just like The Holy Spirit, also being an agent of healing. It means to be understanding at a new level for yourself, to see from a new perspective and listen more deeply
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So this concept is compatible with my faith. We can take this concept of understanding someone’s pain and trying to help them in any way we can. In connection to a theme discussed earlier, to be mindful one must be understanding and through that you can be in touch with the reality of life, or the Holy Spirit. Being understanding is a very big part of my life and I use it within my religion, to a reasonable extent. However, being understanding can be practiced outside of faith also. It is my major role to be understanding to someone, because in my near future I will be a doctor helping people get better, and before I treat someone, I must understand their pain and make sure I am giving this person the best treatment possible.
Interbeing, is another theme within the book. Defined the term is to let go of any barriers and to get rid of them. These barriers could consist from keeping away people or certain goals. The practice of interbeing also, helps one get close to or touch the extraordinary world more profoundly or deeply. Throughout my life, I can say I have tried to let down barriers and be more open-minded and accepting, and allowing the fact of interdependence. However, this could be practiced more as it can benefit me greatly not only spiritually but mentally. Furthermore, interbeing also means human-caring, mindfulness and understanding so the concept is compatible
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