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Tattooing is a body modification practice used for centuries across the globe. Because of the multiple origins of tattoos, there are several techniques and countless styles. Every tattoo is unique in meaning to the person that receives it, though often they can fit into generalized categories. Tattoos have fallen in and out of popularity over the course of history, though they have never and most likely will never disappear.

II. Specific Purpose and Need to Know:

According to Written on the Body by Jane Caplan, "Tattooing is one of many forms of irreversible forms of body alteration... and it is probably the oldest and most widespread [of these.]" Due to the age of tattooing as a whole, there are countless things one can learn
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Several tribes of Ancient Britons partook in tattooing as a sort of national pastime.

In an article titled "Ancient Britons: The Most Recognizable Tattoos of History" that I accessed on June 12th, 2017, and was posted to on February 16th, 2016, I learned that the tribes used ink made from a plant called woad. It was diluted with urine and water, but because of the plants antibacterial properties there was rarely ever a case of infection.

We know of these tattooed tribes largely due to texts written by ancient Romans, who invaded the British Isles, and in them they described the tattoos on the Britons as making them all the more terrifying in battle.

Evidence of tattoos is found not only on mummies or in text, but on the objects left behind by ancient civilizations.

There have been numerous images of Egyptian women depicted with tattoos as figurines dated as early as 4000-3500 B.C. as well as in tomb scenes.

Ancient tools made of bronze were discovered in Northern Egypt and were identified as tattooing tools.


Now that I’ve told you about some of the evidence of tattoos in history, I will next discuss how that history has been kept alive.

II. Main Point II:
The emotion and expression shown

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