Informative Speech : The Chernobyl Disaster Of 1986

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Topic: Chernobyl
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the Chernobyl disaster of 1986
Thesis: Today we will discuss Chernobyl disaster of April 1986, look at the details which led up, what happened during the accident and the aftermath


1. (Attention grabber) I am walking in, all dressed up as Chernobyl liquidator and yell evacuate the city.
2. (Relevancy)After spending most of my life in the Ukraine, and learning about my country’s history as a kid, there is one event that caught my attention and has always stuck with me to this day
3. (Credibility) Have you ever thought of what powers our buildings? Where the power comes from that charges our phones or washes our clothes? Did you ever consider what could happen is one of these power supply stations blew up and what the repercussions could be?
4. (Reveal) One Ukrainian town did find this out, on April 1986 the famous Chernobyl disaster occurred causing a nuclear reactor to melt down.

Preview sentence: Today, we will look at the details A. what led up to an accident B. what happened the day of the accident C. aftermath

(Transition: Let’s learn more about Chernobyl before the incident)

Body of Speech: 1. (MP1) What Chernobyl plant represented in 1980s and who is responsible for such a massive disaster

(Internal preview: )

2. (SP1) What Chernobyl nuclear power station looked like and how it was thriving in 1980s
i. The total amount of employees that had

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