Infuriating Cases of Animal Abuse

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Recently a series of cat-abused cases had furious all walks of lives in port. really the cases of animal abuse square measure rising endlessly in these years. the former chief of Health and Food Bureau Dr. York Chow Yat-ngok(2011) claimed that it had received 534 complaints related to animal abuse in 2011,which was the thrice of the 187 cases in 2008. There square measure 3 major causes result in animal abuse. Firstly, it should relate to the broken childhood of abusers. in line with an editorial, a former animal abuser, who killed 3 dogs once he was young, said the roaring of dogs continually frightened him once he was still a baby. Therefore, once he grows up, he showed emotion towards dogs. a foreign psychologist unconcealed that an oversized part of animal abusers had the expertise of littered with violence in their childhood. The emotion create them become abusive to others particularly defenseless animals in their later lives. First, there square measure too several stray animals in port. Some volunteers feed stray animals frequently. Street animals then continually gather on the road and result in hygiene issues and aroused discontent of citizens. Second, some immature teens abuse animals only for fun. It looks to be a trend recently that record the method of abusing animals then place the clip on YouTube, and gaining the sense of pride by accumulating the clicks. To make it clear, before looking the solution of relieving the animal abuse drawback, we need

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