Sports Injury Research Paper

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Injuries play a big role in an athlete's career and his or her overall health, although minor injuries are often nothing to worry about they can lead to something serious especially if the injury is repeatedly being aggravated. scrapes, cuts, bruises, and broken bones are all things to worry about. When a player is injured he or she is losing play time and money and why risk this when there is small but giant steps that can be taken to prevent injuries. But brain injuries are something much more serious even if the player says not to worry because something worse than losing playtime is losing your life. Albert C. hergenroeder has written an article on preventing sports injuries, he says that there are 3 million sports injuries among kids around …show more content…

hergenroeder says injuries in sports also include psychological injury as well. Young athletes should play sports for self enjoyment and to boost self-esteem and improve athletic skills. If these are not priorities in youth sports then participation in sports are potentially harmful by decreasing self-esteem, diminishing athletic skills, and discouraging additional participation in sports. Pediatricians should be aware of potential psychological issues within a young athlete and provide guidance to address them. Albert also says pediatricians should always be involved in providing medical care for children and adolescents when these patients are injured in sports participation. Albert says the overall goal of his article was to increase competency of pediatricians in sports medicine care, specificaly prevention of sports related injuries. Overall Phsycological issues should be looked at carefuly to prevent any future damage to the …show more content…

Well with all of the studies done over the years i think it can. As long as brian scientist continue to make new discoveries and athletic trainers began to take more serious precautions and new equipment is designed and the government begins to pass laws regarding professional and youth sports and players health. I think as long as organizations take greater efforts to spread awareness of SCD than it can be prevented. Also if sport federations like the NFL, NHL, and rugby especially and many other sports began to change rules surrounding the game than even injuries could be reduced

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