Inner City Schools Root Cause Of Poverty

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Inner-city Schools are the Root Cause of Poverty Children who live in large cities and cannot afford to go to private schools often will get passed along throughout the course of their education, even if they had not learned the material they needed to. These inner-city public schools are the root cause of why so many people in the U.S. live in poverty and struggle every day. These schools are overcrowded and understaffed, due to this, children fall behind and then do not get the opportunity to catch back up. These schools do not give children the tools they need to graduate or be successful in life. The school systems are not doing anything to improve their success rate either, they just continue to make new standardized tests and not teach the children who are going to be taking those tests. Overcrowding in these inner-city schools is a huge problem. Since they have so many kids going to these schools there ends up being 30 or more children in a room with only one teacher. This causes students to hardly ever get one on one time with the teacher so they cannot ask for help when they are not understanding difficult or confusing material. Then the child keeps getting new material, still not understanding it, and is just getting passed along. This causes the child to get discouraged and not want to learn because no one has ever tried to stop and help them individually in a way they can understand. Eventually this child is going to be in high school and they will not be able to read or do basic math. At this point that child is most likely going to drop out of school. This causes this now adult to struggle to find a job, or a well-paying job. Then this adult gets married and has children and sends those children to the same school and the cycle continues. All the children who go to these schools are eventually going to be out of school and have a life of their own. Even though the school did not prepare them for life, life is still going to happen, they just are going to have to struggle every day to figure out how to make it work. These adults who got thrown into the real world with nothing are eventually going to start a family, then what? They did not even have the tools to support themselves but now they
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