Innovative Views on Sports Medicine

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Statistics show that high school athletes suffer almost two million sports-related injuries per year. These numbers are multiplied by five for professional athletes. Due to these high risks, scientists have dwelled into sports medicine and have brought many new studies to the surface. They span the variety of sports, injuries, ages, and abilities. With every new piece of research that the scientists receive, the studies are developed and now there is a very innovative view on sports medicine.

In the article “Off Season May Not Be Long Enough to Recover From Football ‘Hits’”, scientists tracked the brain health of 15 college students, ten being football players, for six months. They tracked changes in the white matter of the brains of the students and found consistent developments with mild brain injuries. The students were tested once at the end of football season and once after 6 months of rest. The study concluded that six months of off season was not enough for the brain to completely heal from a concussion or similar brain injury.
Due to many game injuries, researchers created “Quick Vision Test May Help Spot Concussions on Sidelines”. After testing, scientists concluded that there was a way to quickly detect concussions during games. The test could be administered by a coach, trainer or even a parent. It required the test taker to read a few rows of single digit numbers as quickly and accurately as they could. The time it took them to take the test was compared to

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