Safety for Football Players

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Football head injuries are a big concern in the NFL and youth football, due to the contact in football there's damage that is done to the brain that can cause health issues to individuals players as they get older, it leads to long term mental problems caused by concussions which is when your brain crashes into your your skull. There isn't a technology that can prevent a head injury one hundred percent. Football head injuries are more commonly found in high school than in college and NFL. The effects to the brain of a football player with a head injury are long term in the end. The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation recommends that children under the young age of six years old not play the sport of football. Before a helmet is to be put on the field is has to meet the standards of the NOCSAE (The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment.) NFL players suffer an estimated one hundred-fifty nine concussions the past season of twenty-twelve. Health offices estimated that a total of of about fifty percent of school aged players have had an injury to the head throughout their football careers. Recent studies have shown that football players may still experience long term brain changes even if they haven't suffered a concussion. The researchers studied sixty-seven college football players after a game the researchers conducted brain scans and blood test. The test showed a protein involved with regarding nerve growth that has been associated with the

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