Insanity In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Prince hamlet of denmark has lost everything, his father, his birthright, and his faith in everything. This main character of Shakespeare's Hamlet has been put through a lot; but has he truly gone mad? After his father's death he is pushed over the edge and sent spiraling down into depression and insanity. Hamlet during his alleged feigned madness crosses into real insanity throughout the play. “...He has been robbed of his father,all trust in his mother, and his throne to which he is entitled.” (Citation here). He has been robbed of much more than his kingdom and mother, he has been robbed of his sanity. He is a man of 30 who has lost it all and is now “faking” being insane. Well that is insane in itself and to trust a man's opinion on …show more content…

He is very much aware of his logic during this time and he spent time showing it off. He shows them as he later on shows Horatio this “Then is doomsday near but your news is not true” “Denmark's prison” he goes further and inserts a proposition which was friends take three Falls which he defends himself as true “for there is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” Hamlet knew long ago that's a matter of fact exclusively after his mother's hasty remarriage a marriage that led him to lose basically everything just after he had lost his father causing him to develop sums form of a psychosis which you would normally include his extreme sense ove logic the same type of logic that you would see in a small child however when it is placed onto an adult it does not play out very well and it comes off as he is always very annoyed or very irritable well he was mad he use logic to his Advantage he knew that most of this would probably get him thrown out of his own kingdom ehich hes already lost so he could gain a freedom to plot more of a mad mans plot so where he says at a point” though this be Madness yet there is method in it” the method is Social trade off combined with logic and some slight denile considering of …show more content…

Just with everything considering of course once again is depression but the Queens infidelity when she swears to never remarry in the event of her husband's death within the play of course it's proven that she does remarry and that clean hardly move steering she sees nothing wrong with it she was probably holding against her actions but she didn't know anything about the killing since we're on Shakespeare we can't really actually say that he is truly matter not however we can singer that we believe he is to quote the Journal of philosophy Hamlet's answer the sanity of Hamlet we cannot know truly whether Hamlet was mad or not but we can describe the symptoms and Define psycho psychosis he appears to have had and over from this for logic much logic is a splendid barricade. Quote Hamilton tape position ”there's much evidence in the play that Hamlet's deliberately feed fits of Madness in order to

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