Insider Attacks : The Threat Of An Insider Attack

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Introduction Insider attacks are one of the leading causes of data breaches and it remains one of the hardest to protect against. Given the amount of computer and internet usage in most modern companies, Information Security is a fast growing industry. There are a number of ways a company 's network could be compromised. However, one of the leading threats a company faces is the threat of an insider attack. This paper will focus on understanding what insider attack is and the different types of attacks. As well as, giving steps that can be taken to reduce a company 's vulnerability to insider attack. What is insider attack? Insider threat can be defined as a malicious threat that comes from someone inside the organization. “An insider threat does not have to be a present employee or stakeholder, but can also be a former employee, board member, or anyone who at one time had access to proprietary or confidential information from within an organization or entity. Contractors, business associates, and other individuals or third-party entities who have knowledge of an organization’s security practices, confidential information, or access to protected networks or databases also fall under the umbrella of insider threat” (Lord 1). Given the scope of the potential perpetrators, It is easy to see why this type of threat could be hard to protect against. Different Types of Insider Threats In the realm of insider threats, there are two man types, malicious insiders and accidental
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