Installing Multiple Services On A Single Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server Box

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1. Goal This lab included installing multiple services on a single Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Server box, which included DNS, DHCP, openLDAP, NTP, and rsyslog. I have familiarity with installing and managing DNS, DHCP, and NTP, while just learning about openLDAP and ryslog, which are a new concept to me. The installation and configuration of openLDAP allowed me to get a basic general look at the operation of openLDAP, without going too in-depth. I was able to learn how to correctly and efficiently configure both the openLDAP server and client, add users, install schemas, and modify configuration files. Rsyslog was also a new concept to me which brought be a greater sense of local logging using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This lab focused on deploying a DNS server, a NTP server, and a DHCP server to handle things such as IP address pools, hostname resolution, and a systematic time sync to keep all of the nodes on the network on the same page. Rsyslog allows us to remotely access log files from our servers, allowing us to determine issues from a node without actually being on that node, which is good when dealing with a client computer that is having issues. OpenLDAP allows us to create a directory in a similar manner as Windows Active Directory, to store information in an easily accessible lightweight database. 2. Procedural and Informational Documentation All information pertaining to my virtual network can be found at the address or

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