Instant Messaging For Enterprise : A World Of Demand Of Instant Information

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Instant Messaging for Enterprise
Mark Bell
American Military University

Instant Messaging for Enterprise
In a world of demand of instant information, whether it is the weather, news or latest sport scores. Society in American has been groomed to desire instant satisfaction of information at their fingertips. That need has transcended to corporate American and that instant information need is a common best business practice. Organizations used to use couriers to carry documents across town, and now sometimes electronic mail just might not be fast enough.
Instant Messaging (IM) has quickly become the platform of choice for interoffice communication. Users are able to log on, either via intranet and virtual private network. Users are able to have group messaging, share files and have a “paper trail” of communication between people and groups of people. It’s a real-time tool that is plays an ever more important role over the traditional email. The concept paper will lay the groundwork to look at the security issues and scalability of IM platform for an organization that has users in nearly all 50 states.
(Rittinghouse and Ransome 2005) describe IM as, “an internet protocol-based application that provides convenient communication between people using a variety of different device types.”
They mention the most familiar is the computer-to-computer instant text messaging such as Microsoft Communicator and Yahoo Messenger, but said mobile devices are becoming
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