Institutional Review Boards Essay

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Running Head: UNIT 5 ASSIGNMENT Unit 5 Assignment Template Candeece Lucas July 21, 2014 HN410 - Human Services & Delivery Kaplan University IRB is an abbreviation for the institutional review board. Informed by the need to review human biomedical and behavioral research to the mutual benefit of the researcher and the sample population oversight, responsibilities have to be designated to an impartial body. In light of this, the IRB is also commonly referred to as the independent ethics committee or the ethical review board. Indeed, biomedical and behavioral research on humans is not a light discipline as some of the research tenets border on life and death. It is thus important to evaluate whether the…show more content…
Thus, two of the board members conduct the review for presentation to the full board at the earliest opportunity (Grady, 2010). In the event that a researcher was to create a plan to evaluate a program or intervention, the expedited review presents the best option for review by the board. This is because the process is much swifter compared to the full review and given the fact that most of the interventions have timelines, it comes in handy. This is among other benefits of the review. The full review is the third category where the whole board is involved and intense interrogation of the research is done, when the research has to meet all the laid out requirements.For research that requires the utility of special populations like patients that have been diagnosed with certain diseases, some ethical risks are present. They may include the endangering of the life of the patient and adverse side effects of the treatment. In most cases, for this type of research, risk assessment in terms of statistics come in handy where the possibilities are explained to the participant and well recorded in liability forms (Millum & Menikoff, 2010). If a program has research projects and does not follow the IRB review, the repercussions may include: bearing the burden of
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