Instructional Programs For Technology Education

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To develop meaningful instructional programs for technology education, goals need to be in place to direct the outcomes of curriculum development and teaching. They go beyond everyday teaching objectives; they are directed at long-term learning and programmatic outcomes.

Performance standards measure how much of the content the student is proficient. Opportunity-to-learn standards ensure the learning is student focused, everyone has a right to education and that education should be learner centered. For an educational technology standard to be most effective it needs to recognize these three standards. International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has accomplished this with its National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). The standards provided by NETS provide a comprehensive set of goals to encourage a technology integrated education.

Introducing educational technology into the developing world is multidimensional and requires many basic issues to be recognized and addressed. It is becoming recognized that telecentres and the use of ICT in developing countries to assist in meeting the Millennium Development Goals is becoming increasingly viable.

Focus Area #1: Technology Operations and Concepts

Throughout this program, you have developed your technical skills by using various tools, applications, hardware, and software such as the Internet, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You have also used a Web editor along with other Web-based

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