Integrating Science And Struggle By Frederick Douglass

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Kenny Truong
Dr. Dodd
English 1301
20 July 2015
Integrating Science and Struggle
In order to reach certain heights of eminence, a person must overcome onerous obstacles. Within Frederick Douglass’ essay “Learning to Read and Write”, Douglass describes the educational restrictions that detained him from a proper childhood. Douglass battled innumerable challenges to grasp the literate understanding of the world and its inhuman conditions. Similar to Douglass’ situation, I once faced a gruesome battle with Integrated Physics and Chemistry. My ultimate challenge to defeat IPC equipped me with the ability to overcome countless defining hardships.
During that time I attended DeBakey High School, I enrolled myself in a course known as Pre-AP Integrated Physics and Chemistry. As a graduate with all A’s and B’s straight out of middle school, I felt like classes at high school would be a breeze. Unfortunately, this mindset would toss me into an abyss of failure. I failed to take into consideration that this school abided as one of the top high schools in Houston. In the middle of the first week, the teacher had slammed the entire class with a rigorous quiz. My body shook with discomfort. My hands trembled with fear. My eyes wandered with uneasiness. At this point, I knew the outcome of this gruesome quiz was soon to end with my defeat. After receiving my disgusting letter grade on this excruciating quiz, I felt an immediate sense of urgency rush through my spine. Everyone in the

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