Intelligence In Flowers For Algernon

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In the novel Flowers for Algernon , by Daniel Keyes, A 37 year old man, named Charlie Gordon, has a below average IQ and undergoes an experiment to increase his intelligence. After taking part in the experiment, Charlie’s intellect gradually increases until he is a genius. Charlie, slowly matures mentally and starts to really live and fully experience his adulthood. However, near the end of the story, his IQ decreases right back to where he started. The experiment enabled Charlie to understand his past, see the world as it is and feel complex emotions. Participating in the experiment gave Charlie the ability to really feel and understand himself and the world, it was definitely worth it. To begin with, Charlie loses his ignorance/naiveness and is able to make his own judgment of the world and it’s people. “I had reached a new level and anger and suspicion were my first reactions to the world around me.” This quote comes from the early stages of the experiment showing how quickly Charlie’s eyes were opened to the real world. He begins to question his doctors which pre-experiment he referred to as “gods”. Later on in the experiment Charlie realizes how basic the college student conversations are; conversations he onced wished he could be part of, writing “Strange how when I’m in the college cafeteria and hear the students arguing about history or politics or religion… I find no pleasure in discussing ideas on such an elementary level.” This questioning

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