Intentional Tort Law

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E. Torts

An action done to an individual that resulted to an injuries or damages, therefore the injured party can file legal actions for it ("Tort Law - Tort | Laws.Com"). In order to recover from the injuries and damages the complainant can actually demand a compensation in a monetary from from the party who caused the injuries. There are two types of tort it can either be constitutional or personal. Constitutional tort is when the person's rights will be forbidden to him/her that is actually provided or from the Constitution while the Personal tort, is tainting a person's reputation intentionally which law will never tolerate ("Tort Law - Tort | Laws.Com").

- Assault and Battery
Assault is a fear of getting injured or harmed by an individual or the aggressor ("Intentional Tort - Definition, Types, Examples And Cases"). This can be in a form of a threat that a person perceives he/she will get hurt by the offender. Battery on the other hand is an touching someone by hand or uses a hand and causes injuries ("Intentional Tort - Definition, Types, Examples And Cases"). As a health care provider, informed consent play a very vital role. This actually provide necessary knowledge to both the patient and their families of the actual procedure they the health care staff will provide and they are giving their permission to be …show more content…

For the patient's own safety there are some circumstances wherein the health care practitioner must use a restraint like a lap belt when the patient is sitting in a chair for him/her not to fall. Health care providers must ensure that the patient and theur families will be informed about it and should secure a a signed concern before implementing it. Health care providers same as the institution will not be held liable by

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