Interaction between Communism and Nazism and Their Societies Different Beliefs

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In this essay I am going to state how were the interactions between Communism and Nazism and their societies different.Communism and Nazism are two different political ideologies and these were two basic types of Totalitarian systems in Europe. They have different aims and beliefs of their leading political parties. They have different systems of government in which only one political party takes control of the state and holds total authority.
Russia was the first country that introduced Communism. The October Revolution of 1917 put Russia under the control of Communism. Before that Russia was an absolute country. At that time many of the educated middle classes like socialists wanted make changes in social relationships. Karl Marx who …show more content…

During the 1920s and 1930s, Stalin sent a huge number of his enemies who were against him and Communism to labor camps. Those labor camps in which millions of prisoners worked as peasants where called the Gulags and over 20 million people died under Stalin’s terrors. Most of them died in Gulags because of the horibble living conditions. After the World War I, Germany had huge problems. They had destroyed economy, inflation in the country, a lot of people lost jobs and lack of confidence in gonverment. In 1933 Adolf Hitler became the ruler of Germany. His Nazi party was established in 1919 and renamed into the National Socialist German Worker’s party. Hitler wrote a book “ Mein Kampf” (My struggle) when he was in prison because of his unsuccessful revolt. Although the book was described as ‘ one of the worst book ever’ , but in the book Hitler outlined the Nazi programme. In the book, he said he thinks that Germans are a higher race and it should lead the world. Hitler was really racist and he especially hated the Jews and he blamed them for all the bad things that had happened to Germany. In his book, he stated that a state should only have one people and one leader. The biggest enemies of Nazism was the Communists and Nazi wanted to deal with them. In 1933, they set fire

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