Interactions Among Individuals From Diverse Races, Cultures,

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Interactions among individuals from diverse races, cultures, religious backgrounds and genders have become a key contribution towards helping to define society. Society has set a certain standard for women to follow. Women in society have a lot of pressure put on them like how they are expected to work and then go home to their husband and children to cook and clean for them. Gender integration in the military has always faced the issue of social recognition, whether society can accept how women will be treated and respected in the military. Throughout the history of the United States military, women have battled alongside men in the in every major battle since the American Revolution. Although it wasn’t until the last two years of World…show more content…
As a result, in 1994 the Department of Defense created the Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule (DGCDAR), which contained a combat exclusion policy barring women from serving in units whose assignment was to employ in direct ground combat (Barry). However, there was an estimate that 285,000 women have deployed in the Iraq war. However, the ban was put into question when there was an estimate of 158 women killed during the beginning stage of the Iraq war. This lead ban to be lifted by the Pentagon. In January 2013, the Pentagon announced a lift on the ban of women serving in combat roles, paving the way for women to begin serving in combat arms units that have been, for centuries, filled by men (Leroux). The stigma that women needs to be protected goes along with the idea that women should be kept out of the military. Women have persistently shown themselves to make just as resilient military personnel as men. With the lift off the ban, the stance towards women in the military has changed, for the good. Meanwhile, before the lift on the ban, women serving in the military were assigned to special units while deployed. Within these units, they often experience combat-related injuries and trauma, and the occurrence of sexual assaults and/or sexual harassment was high. Recently, sexual harassment and sexual assault in the military have garner attention from the public. In
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