Intercultural Communication At The Health Of Indigenous Australians Essay

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Australia is becoming increasingly culturally diverse. With this the need for the ability to successfully communicate proficiently with other cultures is paramount. Intercultural communication is becoming increasingly important in the healthcare industry as many workers must learn how to communicate effectively with people from other cultures. For many businesses, effective intercultural communication stands to bring them increased business and profits; however, in the health care industry, effective intercultural communication carries greater importance as it affects patients’ physical and mental well-being (Ulrey et al. 2001, p. 449). Each culture does this through its own verbal and nonverbal behaviors and has its own way of expressing and interpreting messages. It is easy to see how problems can result when individuals of different cultures come into contact with each other (Ulrey et al. 2001, p. 449). There is clear evidence of there being an issue with intercultural communications in healthcare when looking at the health of Indigenous Australians.

Diagram showing the process of successful intercultural communications in healthcare

Intercultural communications with indigenous Australians needs to be improved significantly as in the area of healthcare many Aboriginal people do not have a strong understanding of how to best look after themselves and their children (2011). While we live in a first-world nation, some Aboriginal people struggle with third-world

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