Intercultural Employee Motivation And Rewards

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B673I A03: M3 Assignment 2
Syed M. Kazmi
Argosy University
Professor: Dr. David Rall
Module 3: Assignment 2 – Intercultural Employee Motivation and Rewards
March 11, 2015

According to (Olve, Roy and Wetter , 1999), it is important to understand motivation and cultural influences to define reward system. It is essentials for a meaningful and measurable reward system to motivate employees and to provide opportunities for professional development. Meaningful reward system is a prospect for management to highlight the accomplishment during the specific time period. It is essential to understand the perception triggered by culture, generation gap, and exposure individual might have to comprehend the reason behind reward system. (Olve et al., 1999) argue that reward system ought to be measured based on good intention and work shown by an employee during specific time period at the current position. The organizational culture and diverse work force impose some challenges for mangers to select the right form of reward system. The objectives and goals should be measurable and on clearly defined expectations by supervisor and human resources. The ratings for each objective in performance appraisal should narrate conclusive and measureable results.
Baron (2000) argues that within performance based reward system the anticipated developmental goals should be based on the expected needs of employee and organization. This portion of the performance appraisal highlights

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