Interdependence On Inequality

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One, must also look to the effects of interdependence on inequality between nations. When looking at inequality among nations, Melinda Hills, examines the internationalization of markets, tax competition, and volatility of markets. Capital and Labour are assets becoming more fluid in the interdependent world. This leads to the race to the bottom as shown above, and the effects negatively impact industrialized countries the most. As shown in the article, industrialized countries will lose jobs through companies outsourcing to cheaper areas to produce. This leads in a shift in industrialized economies, workers in the industrial sector now earn lower wages working in service sector, and high-skilled workers obtain a rise in income. This leads…show more content…
In an ever connected world, travel among states in increasingly common and accepted. However, a state must maintain power to secure its borders. Interdependence opens states to threats around the world. For example, the Ebola virus broke out in West Africa in March 2014, and by October of that year the United States reported its first case of the virus. The disease also spread to many European countries. Now, many will point out that this disease was concentrated in Africa, did not affect the United States or Europe heavily, and does not show the danger of interdependence and less border security. However, the effect of the disease in other areas of the world does not matter, all that is being shown is the rate at which something can spread in the interdependent world. If there were a disease that was more resistive to Western medical advances one could see how this level of interdependence could lead to terrible outcomes. Another example that is relevant in this age of easy travel between countries is that of terrorist organizations. ISIS is a prime example of how less border security leads to larger threats. ISIS has claimed credit for and has perpetrated themselves many terrorist attacks abroad. Not only should nations have stronger border security to stop ISIS affiliates from entering a country, but also be able to screen individuals leaving the country as to make sure they are not involved in terrorist groups. Now some may argue that nations can build up their border security while remaining interconnected, however, as we see it is cause and effect. Interdependence makes countries’ border security
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