Interesting Facts About Holi

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Holi the festival of colors is enjoyed and celebrated throughout Indian and has even spread out to the far west. The lively exchange of Abeer, the bhang pellets dissolved in the lassi, the revelry in the air is what Holi means to every Indian. However, it is not just limited to colors. Here are some interesting facts about Holi.

Fact 1: About Holi: The festival of Holi is celebrated on the full-moon day of Phalguna (February–March). The festival is celebrated by throwing Abeer or colored powders and water upon each other irrespective of caste, gender, status, and age. After few hours of rambunctious celebrations with colors, people get home, shower off the colors, wearing clean clothes, and thereafter visit friends and relatives.

Fact 2: The story of
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As Hindu mythology goes, Lord Vishnu had a devotee called Prahlad, who was the son of King Hriranyakashyap. The king did not approve of Prahlad’s devotion to Vishnu, before that to his own father. Hence, he tried several times to kill Prahlad, but the Lord miraculously saved him each time. Hence, the king’s sister tried tricking Prahlad into walking into a fire while herself clad in an invisible cloak to ward of the fire. However Lord Vishnu saved his devotee, and Holika was burnt in the fire. The legend is the reason for the Holika Dahan, or burning an idol of Holika in a grand fire made by people on Holi, till date.

Fact 3: the other story of Krishna-
Stories associated with Holi are varied. One such mythological tale goes thus that Lord Krishna was skeptical about the pretty Radha and her gopikas finding him attractive. Tired of his incessant worries, Krishna’s mother, Rukmini, convinces him to approach her and color her in a color of his choice. Convinced by his mother, Lord Krishna colors Radha and till date, Holi is commemorated and celebrated as a festival of love.

Fact 4: The many names of the
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