Intergovernmental Unions - Our Future?

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Apollonia Johnson Professor Kroh POLS 2301 April 25th 2016 Intergovernmental Unions – Our future? “Imagine there 's no countries, it isn 't hard to do” In 1971 John Lennon together with Yoko Ono wrote these lyrics with world peace in mind about a place without borders and confrontation. It became his bestselling single ever and with good reason; people found the lyrics to ring true in their hearts. A world where every nationality is human. In theory it sounds quite simple. Every day I wake up loving the person next to me, smiling and showing kindness in places that appear absent of such touch. People recognize that we are moving quickly into an age of technology and some fear that face to face encounters will diminish to the point where it will become hard to interact in normal day to day situations. I couldn’t agree more. Simple things such as hanging out with friends at a shopping mall have reverted into snapchat, sitting indoors all day at home and online shopping. People with the ability to emphasize with real individuals who are in need is shrinking with each new generation it feels like. The 21st century is full of changes that are happening too fast for one mind to compute, analyze and most certainly to predict. It is growing more important now than ever that we have a government system which we so heavily rely on, that can lead with more humanitarian agendas. A government that will continue to advocate collective ownership and administration of the means to

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