Internal And External Triggers, Resistance For Organisational Change

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Introduction: In this digital time, as the most people are able to get news faster and faster, not only the top senior manager groups need to keep learning to develop their knowledge but also the bottom employees or any individual one. Normally, changes within an organisation is express that it needs to improvement, adjusts to follow the fast development in the world economy. Also, it gives an organisation get ready to face the changes wether in customers or prevent an economic crisis. On the contrary, the organisation must be failure if it keeps the same system to face the other competitors who taking a positive attitude to the changes and development continues. Consequently, it’s very necessary for an organisation to aware of the importance of managing organisational change, in order to overcome the troubles. In this essay, it will take some examples to introduce the internal and external triggers, resistance for organisational change and also the deferent management strategies. Triggers The triggers in an organisation are used to divid into two part, which are internal triggers and external triggers. There are plenty of factors could lead to triggers, no matter what kind of triggers will be effect the efficiency of employees and decrease the productivities. Internal triggers To begin with internal triggers, it is happened in marketing, human resource, financial and operations. Take an example from Coca-cola to introduce human resources triggers, “The
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