The Theoretical Elements Of Change And Change Management

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Leading and managing change require a solid theoretical foundation. This assignment will research the theoretical elements of change and change management. Addressed will be the following: Organic Evolution of Change, Formulating Strategic Development Approaches, Leadership and Management Skills and Gathering and Analyze Data. As societies continue to evolve and changing demand creates the need for new products and services, businesses often are forced to make changes to stay competitive. The businesses that continue to survive and even thrive are usually the ones that most readily adapt to change. A variety of factors can cause a business to reevaluate its methods of operation. According to literature from the past two
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Further, organizations demonstrate agility by changing structure or processes. Underlying patterns of thinking regarding relationships, information sharing, and behaviors manifest structures and processes. As technology continue to refine how products and services are delivered to consumers, competition among industry participants becomes more refined. Organizations that are able to keep up with changing technologies become leaders while those that are not fall behind. Mergers and acquisitions are increasing while causing small businesses to sell out or seek partnerships and cooperatives in order to remain competitive and relevant.
The entrance of a new competitor into a market can cause a business to change its marketing strategy. For example, a small electronics store that was the only game in town might have to change its image in the marketplace when a large chain store opens nearby. While the smaller store might not be able to compete in price, it can use advertising to position itself as the friendly, service-oriented local alternative.
Innovations in technology can force a business to change just to keep up. Employees who have never used computers need to be trained to operate the new computer system. A business also can benefit by implementing a technological change. According to the Hotel Online website, the airlines
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