Internally Motivated Leaders Achieve Change Better Essay

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Internally Motivated Leaders Manage Change Better “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” – John F. Kennedy Kevin recently transitioned out of the military after having served for eight years on active duty. He wanted to continue serving, just in a different capacity. He saw an opportunity to give back to members of a community that he will be a part of for the rest of his life. He applied for and was hired by the Veterans Administration to serve in a supervisory capacity at a VA hospital. During his first couple of weeks in his new job, he was careful to study and understand his new environment. What he found was troubling. There were indicators of low morale: paper work was piled up, actions backlogged, less than professional behavior when dealing with veterans, and a general lack of sense of self less service to those in need. What was he to do? Kevin’s experience is a microcosm of the experiences many people and organizations go through and must adapt to. Over the past several hundred years, humanity has lived in a changing world. And the rate of change itself is accelerating. In the sphere of human knowledge alone, there has been an exponential growth in technology. Overlay on to that the major social and legislative changes and it is no wonder that change is occurring at dizzying rates (McConnell, 2014). Given this reality, who is best able to adapt, innovate and manage change? Leaders

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