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The Last Rajah: Ratan Tata and Tata’s Global Expansion

Except where I have indicated, the work I am submitting in this assignment is my own work and has not been submitted for assessment in another course.

Executive Summary 4
1. Introduction 5
2. Source Problems 6
3. Secondary Problems 6
3.1 Long term 6
3.1.1 Diversification of investments and businesses 6
3.1.2 The continuation of operation of Corus mills 6
3.1.3 Sustainability of its business versus sustainability of its corporate social responsibility during economy slow-down 7
3.1.4 Management control in Tata Group 7
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Another challenge is to formulate strategies for over 100 companies in more than 80 countries. Besides this, another problem of Tata Group is the high involvement of Ratan Tata, who is the chief steward of the group of nine senior executives sitting on the boards of the Tata companies, in both the negotiations of major deals and the details of his auto-making, telecom or steel businesses (Luthans and Doh 2009). The next challenge for Tata is on how to absorb the struggling Corus mills. Other challenges for the future include deciding on which businesses to spin-off and which to pursue, what will happen to the conglomerate during an economy slow-down. The most challenge issue for Tata Group perhaps would be to fill the void left behind by the energetic and visionary Mr Ratan Tata - Chairman of the Tata Group, when he retire (Koontz and Weihrich 2010).

3. Secondary Problems

3.1 Long term
3.1.1 Diversification of investments and businesses
From the case study, it is evident that a major problem for Tata Group is its diversification of its investments and businesses over so many different countries. The group is subjected inevitably to the different market situations and the culture of each individual market.

3.1.2 The continuation of operation of Corus mills
Another long-term problem for Tata Group is whether they should continue operating the struggling Corus mills. As

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