International Politics And Its Impact On The World

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The study of International Politics is very important and extremely relevant in today’s society, especially in a world that is so easily impacted by the countries and nations around the United States, whether it is positive or negative. As a republic, we tend to feel irrelevant in the world despite our loyalty as a nation. Many people feel that since they are only one person they can do very little to help the world, but I believe that if more people were educated on international matters and the simple things that they can contribute to positively impact the world, they would actually try. In reality, something as small as casting your vote for an elected leader can lead to a large force acting for a change in policy that you desire, …show more content…

Christianity began over two thousand years ago, and with the start of this, societies began to base their values upon one central belief, which in is the origin of patriotic approaches to world politics. Christianity became very popular extremely quick, and made significant political impact in Western Europe during the Renaissance years. In the 1600s, the Roman Empire, who mainly pursued Catholicism and Protestantism, had expanded over what we know today as Germany and many other territories to seize a much larger force. Today, we acknowledge the system of an independent government as superior to any other force in action, but that would not be possible without the rise of the principle of sovereignty, paired with the rise of the evolution of science and decline of religious dominance in this region. The Treaty of Westphalia, one of the most impactful diplomatic documents, established the principle of sovereignty while also ending thirty years of war. This was the first time in history that autonomous, internal political borders were recognized. Countries were now seen as independent, and mostly equal entities instead of pieces of land conquered by more powerful countries. While this may seem small, it is the foundation of international relations. Nations could now retain goods and services that are undeniable to their territory and is merely the start of trading with others

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