Internet Based Marketing Communications: An Analysis of the Disney Website

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Internet Marketing Blog Disney Introduction The objective of this study is to answer the questions of what are the general advantages and disadvantages of using Internet-based marketing communications and what general factors are essential for a website to be effective in terms of marketing communications practices and strategies? This work will additionally answer as to which of these factors does the selected company use and how does it use them and whether it uses them effectively? How does the website promote two-way communication between the company and the customer and how does the website gather information on the customer and how might interactions on the website between the consumer and the company be improved? Blog Overview The Disney website is highly interactive and contains information on characters and stars, games, videos, movies, TV, music, live events, books, parks and travel and the Disney store. Website visitors are able to create and play games on the Disney website. Internet based marketing communication is used by Disney in the form of email and news concerning events and movies produced by the Disney company. There is a section for live events. Web Features The visitor to the Disney website can plan their trip through the website's interactive features. One example of Disney website's interactive features is the Cars Land portion of the website, which allows the user to navigate the town of Radiator Springs. The user can meet and greet the
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