Internet Ethnography

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This year I have three textbooks online and a multitude of activities to be completed with the use of the internet. As everyone can afford to keep up to date with the rapid growth of the internet, as well as keep on top of all the bills that come with that, it is completely reasonable to expect students to have access to the internet to study or complete homework. In a world overcoming sexism and racism it is a good thing that we do not have another way to separate society. Except we do; we are segregating society into those who have internet and those without.
This begs the question do we really need internet to go forwards? The simple answer is yes. There is a wealth of knowledge out there that we can use to better society, if only everyone …show more content…

When girls were only allowed to pick subjects based on whether or not it would make them a ‘good wife’ or when classes were chosen based on race, people spoke up. They said things like “to educate girls is to reduce poverty.” It was considered unacceptable to have such inequalities in society and yet we are now faced with another issue involving the inequality of education and no one is saying a word. In the developed world we are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet, a spectacular tool for education, forgetting about those without access. We have developed it into a tool that can educate a generation of children. People say that “education is the key to success”, so why are we creating resources exclusively available online when 59.6% of the population do not have internet access? With the knowledge available, the internet has truly become the school without teachers. Yet in the poorer countries it has become the school with students as people cannot afford to access the internet. Although the internet would become less costly in the long run, it is not being seen as a good alternative to what we have now. When we have a cheaper alternative to school, why are we not endorsing the internet as an instrument to better our lives? It is a tool that can educate people in so many things it should become a priority to make the internet inclusive and used by …show more content…

In order to do this it is no longer necessary to be able to work a fax machine or to constantly check you pager. With 144 million emails sent each day and 1 billion active Facebook users it is obvious to see that the internet has far surpassed any other mode of communication. The internet is a vital part of connecting people from different walks of life, creating a more open minded society. Learning about the world you live in from people in different countries across the Earth shows you just how privileged your life is and teaches you to make the most of any opportunities that come your way. The internet could be used to break down barriers, if only it hadn’t become a barrier itself. It can be used to connect people through social media, emails and instant messaging, helping people make lifelong friendships. As Margo Pierce said “Cyber communities create a unique opportunity for developing and expanding diversity initiatives for one simple reason—the Internet doesn’t discriminate.” Using the internet as a tool to create diversity throughout the world is huge step towards creating an accepting society. It is a way to better people through their connection with

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