Television Is A Common Part Of Contemporary Society

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The television is also a very important aspect of popular culture that affects the American Identity. Watching television is such a common part of contemporary society, that most Americans adopted it as a part of their daily routine and watch television for at least an hour a day. Stanley Crouch, a poet, music and cultural critic, writes that whenever people pretentiously and proudly announce, “I don’t watch television,” they should follow it up with “I don’t look at America either” (Masciotra 79). Television has become a part of many people’s lives. When the mass population watches the same TV shows, movies, etc. they can all relate to each other, and thus unite them as an American. We look to TV shows to see how other people like us act …show more content…

People who don’t know the common trends of fictional or real characters in movies can feel alienated when referenced in reality.
The internet has also been a key factor of popular culture that affects the American identity. Through different social media applications and websites, the internet has broken down communication barriers between different cultures in a way that was nearly impossible in the past. The internet has also changed how Americans go through their daily lives. In the past people had to meet in person to meet with each other and communicate. However, today people communicate with each other through the variety of social media applications on their phones. Dating applications on devices have changed how people build relationships. Nowadays, most people meet their spouses and friends through the internet. Since America is very multicultural the internet has helped these cultures to share and communicate with each other and create a more informed and understanding relationship between different cultures. While America has been multicultural for so long it does have a history of racism but the internet has helped break down some of these walls.
Another way of how the social media affects the American identity is through the food advertisements online. When people order food online they also see food from other cultures, expand their knowledge about cultural cuisine and become more diverse. Since people do not want to actually have to get

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