Internet Gambling is Affecting the Lives of Many

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Annotated Bibliography on Internet Gambling Brown, Stuart J. "The Surge in Online Gambling on College Campuses." New Directions for Student Services 2006.113 (2006): 53-61. Print. Retrieved February 25, 2014.
This article summarizes how the growth of internet gambling is affecting the lives of many college students. It does this by explaining that once people reach college, they are in dire need of money and will do anything to get it, even gamble. The author also explains how sometimes some people who creates these online gambling sites will tell the people that they can win a big cash reward that will go towards their tuition or win a scholarship to help pay for college, which will attract more and more college kids, since some do not really have enough money to pay for college, but sometimes they do not have enough money to gamble away either. I find this information very useful, because it can help me connect with most of my audience, which is in college. I also find that that this article will help me prove my point that internet gambling should not be legal anywhere and to anyone. Finally, with this article it can help me reach out to most of the college kids out there and tell them that gambling online will not help you; it will only cause a gambling addiction, which can easily lead to them not being able to pay for college at all.

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