Internet Vs Internet

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In the three decades that the internet has been around, the world has hastily adapted to this massive online resource. Everything from business, commerce, education, and numerous other aspects of our lives, all have been affected by the rise of the world wide web. As John Naughton wrote in his essay, “The internet: is it changing the way we think?”, although society had recurring fears of successful and helpful inventions, such as printing or photography, and now, the internet, it doesn’t question their validity (474). He explains that just because fears are recurring, they are not equated to irrational. As with each new innovation, there are bound to be impacts in the world, whether or not it’s a positive consequence (474). Steven Pinker states in his “Mind Over Mass Media” essay, “Search engines lower our intelligence, encouraging us to skim on the surface of knowledge rather than dive to its depths. Twitter is shrinking our attention spans” (481). While his claim is inverse to Naughton’s, Pinker agrees that the internet has changed many aspects of our culture. Both authors signal that the internet has indeed pushed out old traditions and brought new ones with it, and as a result, our society has been affected as well. Either for great or worse, a change in the human environment signals a change in the way people react and think. As such, it is understable why being to exposed to the internet is slowly, but surely, influencing and altering the mind. Evolution is an

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