Interpersonal Attraction

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Interpersonal Attraction Factors affecting attraction 1. Need for Affiliation 1. Evolution 1. Proximity 1. Emotion 1. Attractiveness 1. Similarity 1. Theories of Attraction Evolution 1. It is adaptive – perpetuation of species 1. E.g. Men attractive due to wealth, power, social status – providers 1. Women attractive due to looks - fertility Need for Affiliation What is? • The motive to seek and maintain social relationships • Neurobiology Rowe (1996) – We’re born with it Personality affects the need • Schizoid persons • Dismissive avoidant styles • Dependent persons Situational Factors • Crisis situations increase the need for affiliation…show more content…
• Interpersonal style o Dissimilar communication styles are frustrating o Dissimilar styles predictive of break-ups and divorce • Demographics o Social and cultural background o Similar economic backgrounds • Theodore Newcomb (1961) – college roommates with shared background, majors, attitudes, values, and political views became friends • Interests/Activities and Experiences o Situations that you choose to be in also frequented by like minded people o It difficult to maintain relationships with dissimilar persons • Social skills Committed Relationships • In committed relationships we choose a similar partner o Marriage o Business Reciprocity and Attraction How it Works • We like people who like us • But when an initial dislike in the liker changes to liking this is more valued than a uniformly positive attitude Reciprocity and Negative Self Esteem • People with low self esteem prefer to meet people who earlier criticized them rather than person who
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