Interpersonal Communication, Defined By Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall

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The purpose of this assignment is to explore the concept of interpersonal communication, defined by Potter, Perry, Stockert & Hall (2014) as: The one-to-one interaction between the nurse and patient or family that often occurs face to face. It is the level most frequently used in nursing practice…takes place within a social context and includes all the cues used to give and receive meaning.
This paper will explore interpersonal communication techniques nursing students can utilize in our clinical practice. Effective interpersonal communication skills help develop rapport, maintain relationships, provide safe, effective care and promote a supportive environment for both patients and their families to share feelings or concerns. Successful communication is paramount in the nursing profession and a necessary skill for all nursing students to acquire and perfect throughout our practice. Through actor sessions we were able to role-play with a patient scenario in a safe space, which allowed us to practice our communication skills, as well as determine our areas of strength and weakness. My patient scenario involved interacting with a woman named Margaret whose husband was dying. Caring for people during difficult times, such as facing a spouses death, requires obtaining knowledge about their unique experience through attentive listening and offering a caring presence free from judgment (BCIT, 2010b). Throughout this paper I will reflect on the communication skills I performed

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