Interpersonal Communication Theories And Concepts

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Question have you ever thought about the different Interpersonal Communication theories/concepts we use on a daily basis, I have thought about it long and hard to figure out how many different communication theories in our life we use or even in a favorite movie we love to watch. In this essay I will be writing an analysis paper on the movie “The Notebook its about a young man named Noah Calhoun from South Carolina he met a rich girl named Allie they fell desperately in love, but her parents don 't approve of him so when Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their love affair. Allie becomes involved with another man, but when Noah returns to their small town years later, on the cusp of Allie 's marriage, it…show more content…
He found Allie to be the most beautiful young lady at the state fair and in theory he was experiencing openness with Allie by being adventurous just approaching Allie while she was on a date with her friend asking her to dance. Allie kindly turn Noah offer down to dance in a mindfulness way not to hurt his feelings or be rude to her date. Now Allie is thinking about the decision she made by talking it over with friend, this is called social support. That Allie perception of Noah was she was just not into him and they way he approach her was kind of rude while she was on her date. However Allie is experiencing implicit personality theory which means she is making an assumption of Noah personality of who he real is. Although, Noah is watching Allie on the Ferris wheel while she is on date he is demonstrating jealousy behavioral because Allie is on a date with another guy and he want to really go out on a date with her. Noah is experiencing active perception by observation Allie movements and motion on the Ferris wheel with her date. That Noah does the unthinkable be jumping on the Ferris wheel with Allie and her date. However Noah is taking control of the situation by using the method called face-to-face method by threatening to hang from the Ferris wheel. Then by asking Allie question like will you go out with me, she replied no, Noah says why not, then Allie replied because I don 't want to. Then Noah lets go one hand
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