Interpreting A Graphic Novel

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My graphic novel is based upon the topic of understanding and maturity over the years, representing my thoughts upon my environment. The graphic short novel consisting of twelve panels depicted a child who developed with changes throughout life. The point of view of the graphic short is of the author reflecting upon a glimpse of their life in a series of flashbacks. The reason why the the story is told is an introduction of who the artist is, in a first person perspective. A personal touch is in the foundation of the piece that could be easier conveyed in text. The images, along with the captions do not capture the full story of what the pictures help exploit in the graphic. If the plot was explained more deeply, with more vivid detail and examples, the flow of the plot would be simplified. In writing, the flashbacks within the story would be introduced and conveyed in a way the story would not seemed as rushed, with proper transitions in substitution of panels. The graphic short would be best if formatted in full text instead of captions with slight dialogue.

However, for publishing purposes, it would be best be told in writing instead of a short graphic novel
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The information of my graphic novel would be easier to comprehend if more details and explanations were given. A graphic novel is created to convey a story in a different format, while explaining a plot through visuals as well as simplified text. The graphic novel, Maus, carries a strong message, supporting the information by explaining how the effects of Holocaust in a understandable way. In response, a form of explanation of a story as graphic novel supports how messages could be expressed. A graphic novel, a more serious version of a comic helps an author express their imagination to topics that are depicted in another form, likewise a written
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