Interprofessional Working

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Interprofessional working By using the right literature this assignment will examine an outpatient department, critically analysing and exploring how professionals in this setting work effectively together and what hinders their interprofessional working. Further more the essay will identify the key issues and concept of interprofessional working in health care as a whole. Lastly the essay will also conclude by drawing together the main points and principle argument. Interprofessional working involves people from various profession and agencies working together. Interprofessional working is also a collaboration venture (Mc Gray 2006) in which individual that is involved shares the common objective of developing their mutual goals,…show more content…
It has been suggested that this is due to the lack of support and training from managers and that managers should involve staff in changes within practice and that this involvement facilitate co-operation (deegan et al 2004). Other Key issues of interprofessional working include: power, poor communication, conflict, team work and ethical issues. When issues like this arise in a healthcare setting, it affects the effectiveness of interprofessional working and quality of care that is provided. Loxley refers to conflict as being interwoven with interprofesssional cooperation and considers this to be a combination of social and professional difference. Social difference can relate to age, gender, pay, ethnicity and status differentials. Conflict evokes an emotional response which could be expressed in various ways such as verbal and none verbal behaviours, for example, blaming people, taking people for granted because of their quiet nature, glaring or slouching position ( Drinka and Clark 2005). This kind of respond can be unproductive and those involved should avoid reacting emotionally and try to react rationally. Dealing with conflict and the process of trying to reach shared decisions is likely to involve a degree of discomfort and in order for individuals in this situation to protect themselves from
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