Interracial Marriage And The Black Man Walking Down The Street Holding Hands

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Lewis Duncan Jr,
Gateway Technical College

Introduction Once upon a time white woman and a black man walking down the street holding hands used to be unheard of. It was a relationship that, for the few who engaged in it, was kept as secret as possible. During the sixties, interracial dating was not socially acceptable and there were consequence for those who were involved in such behaviors with various laws that were in play, such as the Jim Crow laws, kept the people of different races such as white and black for being together it was seen as extremely socially deviant to go against these rules. Interracial dating and marriage are fairly new socially acceptable concepts that have been …show more content…

The reason of the study was to grab a better understanding of how college-aged students felt about interracial dating and to see whether or not their opinions reflected many of the general societal assumptions.
Within this group they were interested in determining what factors influence young people’s attitudes towards interracial relationships. This experimenters felt that this question was interesting to ask because it would probably reflect a mass variety of different issues that have been brought up throughout the semester, including family communication and functioning, gender roles, the importance of education level and socioeconomic status in choosing a mate, etc. the research group hypothesized that individuals could or would relate to they felt about interracial dating and/or marriage there view was effected by: the opinions of their parents and the pressures or restrictions that were placed on them regarding interracial relationships, the age of the individual (the group assumed that younger people would be more open to interracial relationships than older participants), their race (as was reflected in our literature review, it appears as though some races are more likely to integrate than others), their religion (the group theorized that deeply religious people would be less likely to engage in interracial dating because it may contradict the teachings of their religion), their political affiliation (the group

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