Intersectionality Essay

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Berlyn Valdez
WGS 150
October 16, 2017
Midterm Essay
The term intersectionality is a very complex word with room for an open range for multiple definitions. Intersectionality is used to understand numerous types of oppressions and discriminations against people. Although, intersectionality wasn't used as a term until the 1980’s by Kimberle Crenshaw, an american civil rights activist and feminist, as a label for the types of oppressions women of color experienced. This is crucial for our understanding of US womxy’s history. The term reflects to the reality that we all have multiple identities that intersect to make us who we are. The concept of feminism doesn’t just include activism for women's rights but for the rights …show more content…

This analogy can be used to educate those who don’t quite understand the abstract concept of intersectionality. Throughout history women of color have been double discriminated due to their gender, race, and sexuality. The notion of intersectionality brought forward the oppressions women of color struggle with into mainstream society. Now that these injustice acts have reached attention it can better the lives of those oppressed.
Being an immigrant can be an “intersection” of intersectionality. An example of this notion would be Gloria Anzaldua’s “Borderlands/La Frontera”. Anzaldua is a queer immigrant women with many identities. She writes about her struggles as a queer immigrant in the united states. As Anzaldua begins to discover herself she creates new identities for herself which lead to new oppression or “intersections”. Immigrants throughout the United States will continue to face the idea of intersectionality throughout their lives. Society needs to realize the wronging in this to fit in all of different race, gender, and sexualy orientation.
The upcoming analysis of intersectionality threatens the hetropatriarcy society we live in. The idea of hetropatriarcy falls back to colonization by the Europeans. The colonization created the notion of gendered conquest. The Europeans created stereotypes and disregarded

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