Interview About A Person That Inspires Me

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For this project, I had decided to interview a person that inspires me through the work that he has done for our Seattle Youth Group Ministry – Matthew. This interview had really allowed me to get to know him on a more personal level and help reassured me on my own vocation in life. From a young boy who lived in darkness to a man who now led a life dedicated to spreading God’s light is what makes me felt connected to sit down and do this interview with him. Matthew’s contributions as a youth group leader played a huge part on how our youth group was able to grow till today. Although it was his story behind it that really made me felt alive during our conversation.
Hearing Matthew’s testimony on the struggles that he had to overcome in order to fulfill his vocation that he believed God had chosen for him to follow made me learn about the importance of faith. I was surprised to hear Matthew share about the disabilities he has now based on his childhood accident that almost cost him his life in the past. I remembered how this triggered a powerful message for me on relaying on God because if his parents had chosen to terminate the healing process when the doctors told them he would likely not make it, than he would not be here now. But it was through the faith they had in the mighty grace of the Lord that made them believed in continuing the healing process. This part reminded me during the interview on how everything began with trusting in the plans God has for our lives that

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